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Service, Get Your Expert Professional Service!

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Your Honda vehicle needs the love, affection and care that you give yourself. Just image being outside 24/7, chugging all over town, in and out of traffic, sitting through rain, hail, and hot sunny weather day in and day out. No worries! Let our Honda experts take great care of your Honda vehicle!

Our service technicians are highly trained and qualified to properly service your vehicle regardless of the year or model. Being manufacturer…
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These Apps will Save Your Car's Life!

These FREE apps are helpful to keep up with gas, maintenance, so add them to your smartphone, since it's attached to your hand anyways.

1. myCARFAX™ Car Maintenance App: We’re very familiar with “Show me the CARFAX™.” We get a look at the vehicle’s history, knowing where it’s been and what services have been reported or done. Well, in addition to that, this wonderful app lets you manually report services done…
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Why Should You Get Your Car Serviced at Coggin Honda of Orlando?

All vehicles, whether new or pre-owned, needs to receive consistent service and maintenance repair to be able to work and stay in great condition. A serviced car, truck, SUV or van has a better fuel economy, powertrain performance, safety features, minimal repair issues and extended life span.The average American drives 13,476 miles per year. Just think about how much wear and tear that puts on your vehicle. High quality service and maintenance repair…
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